family day out

Firstly, thank you for stopping by my new blog! I’m hopefully going to stay here for a little while but i can’t promise anything! ;o)

Thought i would write a little post about my lovely family day out today with my husband and son…

As we live 10 minutes from the coast we thought we would head there, we have all had coughs & colds recently so we thought the sea air would blow the cob webs away. It was raining lightly but we decided to go anyway, we packed little man into the car and went on our way.


I love going to Sidmouth, whether it is a hot day or the winds blowing and the waves are crashing in… i just love it. The rain held off long enough for us to walk the entire seafront,


The tide was out and people were rock pooling, it will be great when Rowan is old enough to partake, he doesn’t realise that his parents are still kids at heart and want to join in too!


It certainly feels like summer was just a distant memory today, the autumn is definitely here…


The light rain came back… you know the sort ‘that soaks you through’… so we headed into the coffee shop on the seafront… It’s called Mocha and it’s just ok…


I went for a hot chocolate, but it was tiny and wasn’t very chocolatey, just very very sweet – it was hot though!


I just love my boys!


After our walk we headed to Dunkeswell. There is a little airfield there, which has a restaurant which over looks the runway. We had been told by a few friends that you can get a good carvary there on a Sunday and can watch the planes take off/land whilst eating dinner. We have been meaning to do for a while and decided today would be the day. The restaurant was called the ‘Aviator’ – how apt?!


I liked the plane decor, although there will be no jumbos landing at Dunkeswell! The planes i did see were smaller than our car!



The carvary was excellent, all the meats were local, the beef was rare (just how i like it) and i also had ham. I didn’t go too crazy as hate the bursting at the belly feeling!


We headed outside after our meal just as a tiny 2 seater came into land, Rowan saw his first plane land… he wasn’t sure what to think about the engine noise but we’ll make a plane spotter of him yet!

   2012-09-02142959 2012-09-02143017

A perfect family day with my perfect little family x


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