This weekend we headed down to the English Riviera to attend Fishstock! Fortunately my husbands parents live in Brixham where Fishstock takes place, so we paid them a visit too.

Rowan likes visiting gran and grandads as they always borrow cool toys and gadgets off friends for him, this visit he had a walker to cruise around in!



See how thrilled he is!!!



Fishstock is held in the small fishing town of Brixham in the fish market. It consists of lots of food and drink vendors (not all fish!), arts and craft stalls and music. It’s basically a mini festival on the sea!




The Thai stall smelt delicious and sent the memories of my travels flooding back!




Beautiful Brixham Harbour…




Me and my boys…    DSCF0406 DSCF0407


The RNLI were giving tours on their lifeboat, i was very excited about this!! The RNLI do such an amazing job, volunteers from all over Brixham race to the harbour when there is a call and go out in the roughest seas to save many lives, they’re awesome!


DSCF0409  DSCF0411


‘Oy Oy Captain!’




We also got a chance to walk round one of the tall ships, this beauty is called ‘Stavros’…




The final boat we looked around was a local fishing boat… it was great to go and look around the living quarters – quite nice but i imagine the space feels quite small when you are out at sea for 10+ days! The other downside to the boat was the smell of fish (why was i not surprised)?! Stinky!




We also ventured round the local craft market, i love talking to other crafters and i hope one day to have my own craft stall when i am more established.




My in laws booked somewhere in town for lunch, they did not know there was going to be so much food choice at Fishstock but it worked out well as we could go and sit down and feed little man at the same time. We went to The Brixham Deli it sells local, organic food and drink, i opted for the rare roast beef and horseradish baguette…




It was served with a lovely fresh salad and new potatoes, the food was lovely and fresh the only downside was the wait, it took a long time for the food to come out considering we didn’t order anything that needed cooking!

We headed back in to fishstock and decided it was late enough in the day to have a tipple!

I decided to skip on the real ale when i saw that they had Pimms being served on a cider stall… what i didn’t realise was it was Cider-Pimms (both drinks mixed together!) It was strangely delicious but i wouldn’t want to drink more than one! Very strong!




We headed back through the fish market and sat by the harbour, the sun was out and it was turning out to be a lovely afternoon. Ollie enjoyed spending some quality time with Rowan… Rowan enjoyed his new thing of nibbling on daddy’s nose!


DSCF0415 DSCF0416 DSCF0417  DSCF0419



We didn’t stay at fishstock too late as we needed to get Rowan home to bed, once he was settled we headed in to the garden back at the in laws for some nibbles (tortillas, houmous and olives) and a glass of Mojito.




We sat in the last of the evening sun and felt very relaxed. We were going to have a BBQ but opted for a take out curry instead! It was a nice end to a lovely day.




The bonus of staying at the in laws is Ollie and I get a lie in as Granny Annie is more than happy to entertain Rowan when he gets up at 6:30am. I feel so rested and refreshed now.

Before we left Brixham this morning we went and had a walk along the break water, we didn’t get the sunshine that was promised us but we still enjoyed an ice cream whilst we walked…




At the end of the windy break water…




I really enjoyed Fishstock and will go again next year, there were lots of activities for little ones but Rowan is still a bit too young but will be able to join in next year.

Right, I’m just finishing watching the Closing Ceremony of the Paralympics and then I’m off to bed… busy day tomorrow for this momma, Rhythm and Rhyme is starting its new term so i need to get my singing voice on LOL! x


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