The Good & Bad of being Thrifty!


Before i get into the good and bad, let me briefly share my morning with you… Rowan and I headed to our new term of Rhythm & Rhyme, not sure who was more excited! The last time we were there was in July and Rowan had only just started sitting up then, he can now crawl (at high speed) so i knew that i would most likely be chasing him around the place!

It was so nice to see all the moms and babies after the summer, the moms all looked the same but the babies had changed so much! Rowan was actually a little apprehensive and didn’t stray far from the mat before coming back to momma… he also got a little overwhelmed i think by all the noise and there were a few tears, but a reassuring hug and a round of ‘row row row your boat’ got him smiling again! After R&R i headed to the Boston Tea Party on the high street, i skipped coffee and went for earl grey, which was loose leaf and so fresh! I have a thing for earl grey at the moment, i used to hate it years ago and thought it tasted like a cup of normal tea that someone had also used as an ashtray!

Rowan loves people watching and flirting with the ladies in Boston Tea Party!




After BTP, we said our goodbyes and headed for the library, i am trying to educate Rowan on a spectrum of topics! (start them young i say! – joke) and today it was all about finding a book about dinosaurs RROOOAAARRRRR! (did dinosaurs roar?!!)



Now on to the good and bad of being thrifty…

Yesterday marked my one year anniversary of going on to maternity leave… that’s right, so far i have had 12 wonderful months off from work and still have another 2 to go as i have a lot of annual leave accrued – yippee! What isn’t great is my maternity pay ran out way back in July!!! The husband and I have always been good at budgeting and saving so it hasn’t been too bad, however i am being very conscious of what i spend, therefore am trying to become a thrifty goddess!

One of things at the top of my thrifty goddess list is ‘USE IT, DON’T LOSE IT’ or rather don’t throw it away, this is in regard to food. Most of our out goings after bills/mortgage etc at the moment is on groceries… i hate to say it but every week, i chuck a load of food away to replace it with new produce when really i should try and use it first before replacing.

So today was the day i was going to start, i woke up thinking ‘i need to go food shopping’ but decided to make something with what we have got.

My first mission was to make bread, we have all the ingredients plus a perfectly good bread maker so there was no reason i shouldn’t… until i couldn’t find the recipe book that came with the bread maker! I did find a photocopy of a recipe though, so thought i must have made a copy in case the book ever went missing – genius! I put all the ingredients in the machine, programmed the correct settings for a wholemeal loaf and pressed start…



I left the machine to it and went on to my second mission… make something for dinner. I mooched in the freezer and found a chicken casserole that i froze a month or so back, i decided i would make a pie with it. Out came my loyal vintage Kenwood mixer and i made simple short crust pastry (225g plain flour, 100g butter, pinch of salt and 2-3 tbsp water).




Rowan was napping whilst this was going on so i settled down for a quiet Earl Grey tea break.




After an hour i checked on the loaf, the smell was delicious but i was surprised to see it look like this…




I started to tweet that my bread was starting to look like an epic fail, but an hour later it did start to rise!!!

But not very much and after 3 hours of dreaming of fluffy, warm whole meal bread, i ended up with this…




What i can only describe as a large whole meal bap instead of a loaf, that if eaten before going swimming could quite possibly drown the poor consumer!

#EPIC BREAD FAIL Mission Failed!




I couldn’t understand what went wrong so went back to the copy of the recipe instructions, to discover they were for a totally different bread making machine, i have no clue where these instructions came from but now realise that my bread machine was on the completely wrong setting! So the bad part of being thrifty here is, if it all goes wrong, you end up paying double for your trouble!! However, i plan not to waste the heaviest bread bap in the UK and will grind it up into bread crumbs in a couple of days… i daren’t feed it to the birds as they will never be able to fly with this concrete in their tummies!

One thing that did go right however was my leftover pie from scratch…




Yes, it does say A loves O – how sad romantic! I served our pie up with some roasted potatoes and shallots, which i would normally have thrown away because they were just hanging around in the cupboard and frozen peas/sweetcorn. So the good of this meal is nothing went to waste, i know exactly what was in our meal (hardly any salt) and i can sleep soundly in the knowledge that this meal was made from scratch, i did not need to spend out buying more food and i have saved us some money! Mission accomplished!




But at the end of the day, if the pie had turned out to be a complete flop like the bread, i was going to fall back on these treats that my in laws bought me back from France recently… cheese and wine anybody?!!





Whilst writing this post i have just consumed a lovely Limited Edition Blossom Earl Grey from Twinings, i have had this in my cupboard ages (trying to use up what i have before buying more) so don’t think i will find it in the supermarkets, it was so delicious! It’s time for me to get some shut eye, all this thriftyness has wiped me out 😉



What do you do to help save the pennies? Any thrifty ideas to help this goddess on her way?


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