Future X Factor Winning Boy Band

Yesterday, i had my weekly meet up with my friends from work who also had their babies last October, in fact the four of us gave birth within 3 weeks of each other. It has been lovely having such a great support network and being able to bounce off each other when things were tough. I have made 3 great friends for life;


This was my last day at work (9th September 2011), we were all a month away from popping! Only Jenny in the green knew she was having a boy, the rest of us did not find out… who knew we had a future boy band in our midst?!


The boys at 6/7 weeks old.


The boys now 10.5/11 months (the 2 boys to the right are in the wrong order but we had to work quick to get this photo!) What do you reckon? future X Factor boy band?!!



Now the boys are bigger, they are in to everything! We take it in turns to trash each others houses each week!


This used to be my living room!!

Once all the ladies and boys left, Rowan and I went up for nap. I love our afternoon snuggles…


I put a flannel with Baby Olbas Oil on Rowan whilst he slept to help unblock his nose, we have both had a cough/cold for 4 weeks now, we went to the doctor but we just have to wait for it to pass 😦

After our nap, we went downstairs for a play & for rowan to have his dinner. Ollie got home from work and suggested we go for a walk to get some fresh air in to Rowan before getting him ready for bed. I love the town we live in, we are a 5 minute walk to the countryside (a big thing for a girl who was born and raised in Birmingham!), we always head down to the river, it’s beautiful there.


DSCF0441 DSCF0438 DSCF0440

It was a beautiful evening!

We headed home and put rowan to bed, then we tucked into our dinner that i had been cooking in the slow cooker all day…


Beef in red wine! I used some left over beef that i found in the freezer, a glug of red wine that the in’-laws had bought us back from France, added shallots, carrots & beef stock, then left the slow cooker on low all day… i served it with baked potato and green beans…



It was delicious and felt like proper autumn comfort food.

I watched My Sisters Keeper last night.

My Sister's Keeper Poster

Why did you guys not warn me i was going to be a blubbering wreck if i watched it??!!


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