Better Life Project…

Remember yesterday, i pledged to start taking photos of my eats so i could be accountable for everything that goes in my mouth… well it started like this…

Breakfast: granola, half banana, greek yogurt & peanut butter… not bad!

And then:





Nothing… no more photos to share, why? because i had nothing else to eat? No… it was because I was too ashamed to share with you what i ate! But i will tell you because this denial has to stop!

  • A McDonalds double cheeseburger (that’s right, i ate the devils food!)
  • A homemade chicken and chorizo tray bake roast
  • Half a big bag of peanut M&M’s
  • glass of red wine

Does this seem healthy to you?? No me neither! I didn’t even enjoy any of the above but i keep eating crap, my body hates me for it and is telling me by giving me a 4 week cold. I’m lying in bed typing this feeling sick, maybe it’s because of the food i have eaten or maybe it’s because i am so annoyed that i am not in control of my healthy eating.

I really want to stop my destructive eating before it gets out of hand, so I have decided to turn myself into a project! I can’t afford to join Weight Watchers/Slimming World, so it is just me, myself and I that is going to get me through this. I need to make some changes in my life because my world is getting a little cloudy and needn’t be… i have to act now.

So let me introduce you to my ‘Me’ project… ‘The Better Life Project’ this is just for my benefit,


i write this blog not to get lots of followers or comments but because i want to journal about this for me. I am fed up of writing posts of what i think people want to hear… this is me from now on, completely up front and transparent.

I want to tell you about my work situation (or my return to work after maternity situation) but can’t just yet, but this is a reason i am so run down at the moment & feel the way i do. I know i can turn this around with a bit of planning, so lets get this project underway! Below are the things that are stressing me out and next to them is my POA (plan of Action or advice to myself) on how i can make my life better;

  1. My diet is appalling – try to eat clean, healthy foods, try and blog about what i am eating, to make myself accountable (even if it is a photo of a stinking great big greasy burger!)
  2. My fitness is down the toilet – Then do something about it, put P90X in the DVD player and press play! If you still feel ill whilst doing the DVD, just do what you can and build up, something is better than nothing.
  3. My house is a mess – create a ‘homemaker journal’ (oh how American) and get a cleaning schedule in place, a little housework each day is better than nothing – get rid of the crap – sell it at a car boot and make yourself smile.
  4. I’m tired a lot of the time – remember you are running after an 11 month old but also, bad diet and lack of exercise is contributing to feeling sluggish rather than tired… get more sleep Amy, you know that will make a difference, aim for at least 7 hours a night.
  5.  My craft business, what if it fails?? – only time will tell and if you put the graft in then it will have more chance of succeeding.
  6. I’ve got the mommy look – tired, hair a mess, no make up on! – take some pride in yourself… once a week straighten your hair, have a face treatment or a soak in the bath!

I feel better already putting this down in a post. I plan to start tomorrow and reflect on these points above next week… if i am still at the same point next week, then please someone shoot me! I will need to be put out of my misery!

Now please raise your glasses, i would like to make a toast…

‘Here’s to the new you Amy! Only you can help yourself, try and prove yourself right for a change!… Cheers!’


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