After the Greatest Clouds, the Sun…

Last week i felt low, very low, weepy low, i hated feeling like this as i try to be positive as much as i possibly can, i try not to take life too seriously so when i feel low, i’m not great with it. I am ok, it’s nothing serious, something is happening with my work that i can not discuss until it is sorted out (no, i haven’t done anything wrong, if you’re wondering)! Also, feeling unwell for 4 weeks has not helped, but this week the clouds have parted and the sun is back shining in my world (thank goodness).

So with that out of my system, here is what my last 2 days have looked like…

As part of my ‘Better Life Project’ one of the things i wanted to focus on was my diet, i am trying to make some healthier changes, so instead of stodgy toast or worse nothing for breakfast, i have had a refreshing start to my day today and yesterday with grapefruit segments (with a little sweetener as they were very sour)… very nice!

Yesterday morning i took Rowan to rhythm and rhyme (the little man finds it more fun crawling all over the smaller babies so i have to keep on my toes now). After me and some of the other moms went to our usual coffee house the Boston Tea Party and decided that after lunch we would all meet up and go for a walk as the weather was quite nice.

I went home and had a slice of wholemeal toast, cucumbers, celery and houmous, this was actually quite filling!


We walked for a couple of miles around Honiton and really enjoyed taking in the fresh air, it was nice to have some energy also.

For dinner i wanted to use up the left over chicken and chorizo bake, so i shredded the chicken and made Quesadillas, i have not made them before as i normally make Fajitas. I sandwiched the shredded chicken between 2 tortilla wraps. I then placed the sandwich into a pan with a little bit of oil and then successfully unsuccessfully flipped it over, it wasn’t too much of a disaster some of the filling fell out but i managed to put it all back together!

Once browned on each side, i topped with salsa, light creme fraiche, guacamole and a sprinkle of cheese. I served it with a side salad… very filling and very nice!




Today i started with grapefruits segments again and then packed Rowan up and headed out to Just Babies, this week was all about fabric, however Rowan was more interested in himself in the mirror… so vain LOL!

After we headed across the road from the children’s centre and had a play on the park, this boy loves the swings!!!

Rowan fell asleep on the way home, which meant i got to make and eat my lunch in peace… even had time for a cuppa too! Today i went for a wholemeal cheese toastie with side salad.


Then the man of the house (well during the day anyway) woke up and turned my living room into a his play room.

Rowan didn’t fancy his 2nd nap so i got him back in his buggy and we headed for the library, i fancied trying some new books as I’m really not enjoying the 50 shades books all that much!

I ended up with a book for Rowan, which daddy read him when he went to bed. And i got;

  • We Are All Made of Glue – Marina Lewycka
  • My Favourite Wife – Tony Parsons
  • The Folly of French Kissing – Carla McKay

I randomly picked them, so i’ll let you know how i get on with them.

For dinner, i opted for an easy option, Ollie and I had chicken kiev, baked potato and veg


I have been baking tonight also as i felt inspired whilst watching the Great British Bake Off – i love that programme! I’ll post about it tomorrow as this will become a very long post otherwise!

Hope you have all had a great day x


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